Selected #1 Club in Nebraska by Triple Crown Sports
Selected #1 Club in Nebraska by Triple Crown Sports

10-14U Regional Club Teams

What Are Regional Club Teams?

The Regional Program will be a great opportunity for families to choose the right program for their family. This program will have a fixed cost (no additional fees), a shortened season (December 1- March 31), competes locally (less school and work conflict), and provides the same great training that has made Nebraska Elite the top club in Nebraska. Regional teams will practice twice a week, compete in competitive USA sanctioned tournaments, and our 13-17U teams will also compete in the ASICS President's Day Tournament. The addition of the regional program will offer more opportunities for players to train for prep volleyball and potentially a scholarship someday. Between our Youth Development Program and our National Level Program, the Elite pipeline will now offer players and families to pick the program that best meets their needs and goals. Read more.


Regional Program: It's Time

It is apparent that the quality of volleyball today is significantly better than it was ten years ago across all age groups. That is a product of a competitive environment that demands more and more from each athlete. Athletes start playing younger, and more athletes play club today than ever before. The club season continues to start earlier and earlier. Today’s high school athletes find themselves at a disadvantage when they have not played club sports in the past. Many parents and players have learned this lesson the hard way. Players without club experience struggle to find meaningful playing time on varsity level high school teams. As we evaluated the programming we offer, it became clear that we had a problem. We need to do a better job of offering programs that match the needs of our community. Read more.

The Athletic Experience is Expensive

The youth athletic experience has changed. Well run youth sports have always come with a cost. Club sports today are more expensive than ever. The costs associated with apparel, court rental, travel, additional training, coaching, and equipment add up quickly. The cost associated with club is a challenge for many families. Many of the families in our club have multiple children participating in club sports. Some have multiple children playing club volleyball. Parents want to give each child the same opportunities to excel in the activities their children love. However, club is expensive. Read more.


The Athletic Experience has Changed

When we were growing up, an athlete could play multiple sports and still have time to spend with family and friends. In today’s sporting world, athletes are encouraged to focus on one sport. Many athletes maintain a schedule as challenging as a CEO of a company. I can only imagine how this affects the family schedule. It takes a special athlete to passionately engage in one sporting commitment from the time the athlete is two through college. Not every athlete is Tiger Woods. We want to empower multi-sport athletes by offering a club experience designed for them. Read more.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have received a variety of questions regarding the regional program.Check out the most commonly asked questions. We will continue to add to the list as more questions arise. If you have a questions that remain unanswered, please don’t hesitate asking. Email Tony at with any questions. Read more.

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Allie Gray (S)

Skutt Catholic

Arizona State

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St. Albert

Iowa State

Kaitlyn Knobbe (MB)

Duchesne Academy

Southern Methodist

Brilee Wieseler (L)

Elkhorn South

University of Nebraska Omaha

Ray Joens (RH)


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