Selected #1 Club in Nebraska by Triple Crown Sports
Selected #1 Club in Nebraska by Triple Crown Sports

Elite Specialty Training

October 2, 2018-- We will offer weekly specialty training for setters that is included in club fees in 2018. See the schedule below!


We have revamped our all-skill specialty training offerings for this season. Instead of doing massive camp style training, we are transitioning to small group specialty training. These sessions will be limited to 8 players per group. Players will sign-up for a package of 5 sessions for $100. These sessions will be facilitated by our most experienced coaches and trainers. The goal of changing the specialty training is to give players more individualized feedback to help them improve quicker! These sessions are only available for Nebraska Elite Regional and National Club Team Members.  Click here to see the Specialty Small Groups.


If you want to be a Champion, you have to train like a Champion!





2018-2019 Now Updated!



 Setter Specialty



Nov 16 (6-8 PM)

Dec 4 or 6 (5-6)

Nov 30 (5-7 PM)

Dec 11 or 13 (TBA)

Dec 7 (6-7:30)

Dec 18 (5-6)

Dec 14 (6-7:30)

Dec 28 (2:30-4)

Dec 21 (6-7:30)

Jan 2 (10:30-12)

Dec 28 (1-2:30)

Jan 8 or 10 (5-6)

Jan 2 (9-10:30)

Jan 15 or 17 (5-6)

Jan 18 (6-7:30)

Jan 22 or 24 (5-6)
Jan 25 (6-7:30) Jan 29 or Jan 31 (5-6)

Feb 1 (6-7:30)

Feb 5 or 7 (5-6)

Mar 1 (6-7:30)

Feb 26 or Feb 28  (5-6)
Mar 8 (6-7:30) Mar 5 or 7 (5-6)
Mar 16 (6-7:30) Mar 12 or 14 (5-6)
Mar 22 (6-7:30) Mar 19 or 21
Apr 5 (6-7:30) Apr 2 or 4 (5-6)
Apr 12 (6-7:30) Apr 11 (5-6)
Apr 26 (6-7:30) Apr 16 (5-6)
  Apr 23 (5-6)


*May be some changed due to qualifier schedule. All changes will be posted to website and communicated to players directly. 


The Elite Difference: Speciality Training Matters!

These sessions are limited to only Nebraska Elite Players. Coaches will assign which players attend setter training. Setter training is a focus of Nebraska Elite because every great team and hitter requires a great setter. Many of our coaches also offer team specific positional training as necessary. 


*Times may change due to court space limitations as well as qualifier schedules. Any times changes will be announced on the website a couple weeks in advance.

For more information regarding positional training, contact Andrew Wehrli by email at

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