Selected #1 Club in Nebraska by Triple Crown Sports
Selected #1 Club in Nebraska by Triple Crown Sports

Nebraska Elite Regional Team Program

What does it mean to be on a Regional Team?

Regional teams are focused on getting the team members more exposure to the sport of volleyball through practice and competition. Each team will have a maximum of 10 players and will practice twice a week during the season. Practice days will be based on division of play.  Regional teams will utilize group training for practice. Practice nights still to be determined.  Practice will begin in December and run to the end of March. Practices will focus on skill development and game strategy. Each team will participate in 5 local tournaments an our 13-16U teams will also compete in the ASICS Presidents Day Classic. 

No out of town overnight team travel.

How much does the program cost and what is included?

The cost is $1200 per 10-14U player and $1400 for 15-16U players. The cost includes the same apparel package as our National level teams. All tournaments, court rental, apparel, and coaches payment is included.

Who will benefit the most from the Regional Program?

Club Volleyball can be expensive. The regional program is an answer for the players that want the club volleyball experience at a low fixed cost. The goal of the program is to train players to compete at their highest potential. The regional program is both a gateway to our National level teams and a mechanism for players to effectively compete at a high school level without the committment of a club travel team. The regional program will provide opportunities for players to compete from ages 10-16U. Our regional program is a "no-cut" program. Everyone makes a program! We may reassign some players to the YDP or our Next Level Training program based on total numbers. Keep in mind that sometimes the total number of players trying out does not coincide with the optimal number of players on a volleyball team. Our committment to each family is to keep team number low to ensure better playing time opportunities for everyone on the team. Threfore, when total tryout numbers exceed our goal of selecting 9-10 players per team then we must we re-direct players into other programming options.

Is There a Need for the Regional Program?

It is apparent that the quality of volleyball today is significantly better than it was ten years ago across all age groups. That is a product of a competitive environment that demands more and more from each athlete. Athletes start playing younger, and more athletes play club today than ever before. The club season continues to start earlier and earlier. Athletes find themselves at a disadvantage when they enter high school and have not played club sports in the past. Less and less multi-sport kids participate in club and high school sports due the conflicting schedule and expected committments. Lastly, many late-bloomers quit sports early because the committment and potential return seem unequal. It is for all of these reasons that we have decided to offer the Regional Program. This program will be a great opportunity for families to choose the right program for their family. This program will have a fixed cost (no additional fees), a shortened season (December 1- March 31), competes locally (less school and work conflict), and provides the same great training that has made Nebraska Elite the top club in Nebraska.


Between our Youth Development Program and our National Level Program, the Elite pipeline will now offer players and families to pick the program that best meets their needs and goals.

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