Selected #1 Club in Nebraska by Triple Crown Sports
Selected #1 Club in Nebraska by Triple Crown Sports

Why Beach Volleyball?

Celebrating 5 years of Beach Volleyball in Nebraska!


In our first five years of beach, we've seen over 500 athletes compete, qualified 61 teams for beach nationals, won 53 junior titles, and finished 5 teams in the Top 5 Nationally!


Are you looking for a way to take your game to the next level? Become a more complete volleyball players? Develop better ball control? Improve defense? Become faster? Jump Higher? Increase your range? Then Beach Volleyball is for you!


Olympic Head Coach and Gold Medalist Karch Kiraly recommends beach for all players. According to Karch, "It's easier to take your outdoor skills into the gym than bring your indoor skills outside. Simple reason. Beach forces you to have all the skills! That's why I think every player should play beach. Learning those skills will help improve a player's indoor performance."


USA Volleyball's John Kessel recommends beach too. He says, "The beach game is great for improving your indoor skills. Whatever you weaknesses are, you get to work on them every rally. Unlike the 6 person game, you touch the ball in every rally with only two players covering the court. You learn to read and anticipate much better. It teaches you to adapt. Beach requires ball control and skill more than physical giftedness."


John Cook says, " We feel there are many advantages to training in the sand and we have gone as far as building an indoor sand court at Nebraska. No only can the players play on the sand, but we can train them to jump higher and move faster."



Beach is a must for any player looking to become the complete volleyball athlete!



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Class of 2020 Commitments

Payton Kirchhoefer (OH)


Northwest Missouri 

Atley Carey

Lincoln East

South Dakota

Tria McLean (S)

Battle Creek


Kayla Petersen (RH)

Millard North

Waldorf University

Class of 2021 Commitments

Allie Gray (S)

Skutt Catholic

Arizona State

Rylee Gray (MB)

Elkhorn South


Shayla McCormick (OH)

Skutt Catholic


Allie Petry (OH)

St. Albert

Iowa State

Kaitlyn Knobbe (MB)

Duchesne Academy

Southern Methodist

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