Selected #1 Club in Nebraska by Triple Crown Sports
Selected #1 Club in Nebraska by Triple Crown Sports

2019/2020 Coaches

111 National

Shelley Weeks

Head Coach 111 National

6th Year at Elite

See Shelley's Bio Here

Susan Rogokos

Assistant Coach 111 National

4th Year at Elite

See Susan's Bio Here

121 National

Beth Schram

Head Coach 121

5th Year at Elite

See Beth's Bio Here

Emily Bressman

Assistant Coach 121

1st Year at Elite

Bio Coming Soon! 



Tony Carrow

Coach Mentor 121

18th Year at Elite

See Tony's Bio Here

*2nd Assistant Coach TBA for 121 National Team

122 National

Tom Robertson

Head Coach 122 National

8th Year at Elite

See Tom's Bio Here

MacKenzie Solt

Assistant Coach 122 National

4th Year at Elite

See MacKenzie's Bio Here

131 National

Angie Lantz

Head Coach 131

15 Years at Elite

See Angie's Bio Here!

Lexi Petry

Assistant Coach 131

2nd Year at Elite

Bio Coming Soon!

Olivia Wolodketisch

Assistant Coach 131

4th Year at Elite

Bio Coming Soon!

132 National

Todd Swantek

Head Coach 132 National

3rd Year at Elite

See Todd's Bio Here

Natalee Todd

Assistant Coach 132 National

1st Year at Elite

See Natalee's Bio Here

133 National

Kelly Carpenter

Head Coach 133 National

7th Year at Elite

See Kelly's Bio Here

Archie Carpenter

Assistant Coach 133 National

3rd year at Elite

See Archie's Bio Here

141 National

Julianne Mandolfo

Head Coach 141

5 Years at Elite

See Julianne's Bio Here

Mario Mandolfo

Assistant Coach 141

3rd Year at Elite

See Mario's Bio Here

Andrew Wehrli

Coaching Mentor 141

15th Year at Elite

See Andrew's Bio Here


*2nd Assistant Coach TBA for 141 National Team

142 National

Scott Haag

Head Coach 142 National

11 Years at Elite

See Scott's Bio Here

Daryn Willman

Assistant Coach 142 National

4th Year at Elite

Bio Coming Soon!

143 National

John Brown

Head Coach 143 National

6th Year at Elite

See Jon's Bio Here

Peyton Robly

Assistant Coach 143 National

3rd Year at Elite

See Peyton's Bio Here

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Class of 2021 Commitments

Allie Gray (S)

Skutt Catholic

Arizona State

Rylee Gray (MB)

Elkhorn South


Shayla McCormick (OH)

Skutt Catholic


Allie Petry (OH)

St. Albert

Iowa State

Kaitlyn Knobbe (MB)

Duchesne Academy

Southern Methodist

Brilee Wieseler (L)

Elkhorn South

University of Nebraska Omaha

Ray Joens (RH)


Winona State

Emma Prentice (OH)


North Dakota State

Abigail Wolfe (OH)


Minnesota State

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